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Project Description
A Winforms User Control for displaying and manipulation maps using Microsoft Bing Maps.

THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MAINTAINED. I suggest everyone wo needs maps in a WinForms application to take a look at the new WPF control microsoft has released: WPF controls van be hosted in a WinForms application.

I have written a simple c# user control to include in your winform applications. It it no more than a web browser control with added functionality for displaying maps using Microsoft Visual Earth. The current release contains:
  • Add and remove layers
  • Find locations and show them using pushpins
  • Get and display driving directions
  • Supports mouse events
  • Save map output to disk
  • Draw lines and shapes
It supports V6.2 of the API.

User Control

The user control has some properties you can set design time:

All properties and methods are documented in the source files.

Included sample application

The included sample application shows how to search for locations, add them to the map to a specified shapelayer using custom icons.

How to use

To localize the driving directions modify the included html file at line 4:

<script type ="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Change the nl-NL locale to the locale of your liking, the supported locales are listened here:

See my blog for more detailed information (coming soon). The included sample application and the user control itself has documented source code.

Bugs? Problems?
Please let me know, use the discussion tab for these!

I am a .Net developer at De Heer Software based in Holland.
You can find my blog here.

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